Oh Romeo

There is so much pressure placed on finding your mr or miss perfect these days, what with all the movies, books and social ideals. Your partner doesn't represent you, you aren't judged by who they fall short of, they're not you in another, they're not supposed to be who you've always hoped yourself to be, they're not yours, your not theirs, you aren't judged by what they do, as what they do is not a reflection of you, you aren't with them because you think your mother will disapprove, or your ex-best friend will be jealous, or you'll be skyrocketed to stardom within your group of friends. They are just someone, being a someone that likes to spend time with you. Just as you are you, flawed but brilliant all at once, when you're spending time with them. And it kind of takes the pressure off finding perfection, because perfection in a partner will never exist. We're all just people, trying to be happy, let it be.

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